Matsuri (Festival)

Japan's Festivals and Events in June

Summer is here! In June, we can see many colorful hydrangea blooms beautifying parks and temples. Along with those beautiful sceneries, there are many seasonal events and festivals to be enjoyed throughout the country. In June, Japan experiences a lot of rain, often known as the rainy season (梅雨ーtsuyu). This does not mean that it rains every day, it just means that rainfall is more frequent during this season. 

Despite the rain, people are still out and about enjoying and/or participating in festivals. Below are some of the festivals that are compiled by Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Tourist Information Center.

Tokyo 東京

Kyoto 京都

Mie Prefecture 三重県



If you happen to be in Japan, take a trip out to these events and festivals to experience truly authentic Japanese culture. Remember to refer to the tourism board website to get the latest information on the dates and time. Also, please note that some of the events are outside of the Tokyo area. 

Enjoy the summer!