Japanese School Traditions

Rochester Japanese School Entrance Ceremony

Japanese School Ceremony

In Japan, it is a tradition to organize entrance ceremonies for incoming students for each of their respective grade levels. 

The fiscal year in Japan starts in April, so does the academic year. At Rochester Japanese School, we follow the traditions of how schools in Japan celebrates the beginning of the new term. 


Each student and accompanying parents are expected to dress in formal attire. In addition, both parents and their enrolled children (child) are required to bring home slippers (上履き) and change into those clean footwear before entering the school. 

During the ceremony

Each student is assigned a seat in an allocated area, alongside their fellow classmates. Parents are seated in a different area away from their children, generally at the back of the ceremonial hall. Teachers and staff members are seated at the side of the ceremonial hall. 

At Rochester Japanese School, we follow an agenda similar to schools in Japan. The ceremony starts with the Principal's opening remarks, followed by teachers' and senior class students' remarks. 

End of the Ceremony

At Rochester Japanese School, we end the ceremony with our school song and students will proceed to their respective classrooms. In Japan, the entrance ceremony is slightly different from the Rochester Japanese School, where the day (half a day) is dedicated to just the ceremony. 

That's all!

Some of our students are from Japan and some of our students are local students. Exposing our students to such tradition allows them to experience how Japanese school celebrates a new beginning. Such an experience also deepens their connection to the Japanese culture.